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Personalized pendant in wood

Impact Emotion has developed a new concept of wooden embellishments, mainly made from waste wood.

Our elegant wooden labels are custom made according to your design or logo to enhance your product and your company image. In order to bring color contrast and relief, we can mix different wooden species, such as walnut, maple, cherry and sapele.

We provide our customers with the ability to boost the visibility and appeal of their products through outstanding wooden labels and accessories.

Positioned somewhere between the hand-made and the industrial, we transform wood veneers into luxury embellishments finely cut, such as bookmarks, charms and pendants, precious magnets, greeting cards, adhesive wooden labels, photo frames and a wide range of interesting items for the gift and greetings industries.

We use a whole host of finishes for our wooden embellishments :

- Minimum order quantity: 500 pieces
- Any size and any shape
- Eco-friendly, 100% naturel and recycled wood
- 4 different types of wood : Cherry, maple, sapele, walnut
- With our without adhesive tape on the backside


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